Kerfin Inspections, Inc. On-Site Videos

The Kerfin Inspections, Inc. team travels all over the Chicagoland area conducting home commercial property inspections. They encounter all kinds of interesting situations that are important for potential homeowners to be aware of. Follow along as Tim gives tips and hints to help you become an informed home buyer and to raise awareness about the importance of home and building inspections.

What Is Negative Pressure?

Tim comes across dark lines in the wall where the studs are. Mold? Nope.

Converted Crawlspace

Tim comes across a basement that wasn't always a basement. It used to be a crawlspace, and was converted!

Popping Vinyl Siding

Tim shows us the effects of cold weather on vinyl siding.

Termites in Drywall

Tim comes across some extensive termite-infested drywall damage.

Asbestos in Floor Tiles

Tim shows us some tips on how to identify Asbestos / VATs / Non-fryable floor tiles in your house, or any house that you plan on buying.

Electrical Panel Box Breakers

In this video, Tim talks about the differences in breakers and what he recommends.

Garage Electrical Wiring

Tim looks at the dos and don'ts of garage electrical wiring installation.

Home Gutters

Tim talks about the need for gutters and what best practices are in your gutter installation.

Gas Meters

Don't be fooled by appearances! Tim takes a quick look at a gas meter and finds a problem.